Grace and Todd

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Our Story

Grace and Todd first met 18 years ago in the year 1999. They were both working for the mouse at Disneyland. Grace was in foods working at Toontown and Fantasyland theater snack bar (Meeko's) and Todd was working in restaurant bussing at Fantasyland. One day, they found out that they shared the same birthday and started talking to each other, and the friendship blossomed from there.

Throughout the years, they both went on their separate ways. Todd moved to Hawaii and Grace was focused on getting her nursing degrees. Although they were busy with their lives, they kept in touch especially on their birthdays through phone calls, snail mail, AIM, and email. After Todd moved back to California, they would get together with friends to hike, paddleboard, and to celebrate their birthdays together.

As years go by, life threw them some curve balls. They had to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. It was at this time that they reached out to each other for support and leaned on each other to get through their worst days. This friendship slowly grew and they found out how crazy compatible they are for each other. They share the same passion for life and adventures, making each other laugh till their stomach hurts.

They enjoy spending time with their furbaby, Roxie, and traveling the world together. So far they have been to Thailand, Cambodia, London, France, Italy, New York, Seattle and of course Hawaii. They have swam with manta rays, jumped off the most southern point of United States, hug some tigers, rode some elephants, and hiked many mountains. Their adventures are just beginning and they can’t wait to embark on their greatest adventure of their lives on 5-21-17 with all their closest friends and family.

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Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Ceremony and Reception

5:30 PM, May 21, 2017
Aboard the yacht "Destiny"
3434 Via Lido (Lido Marina Village Parking Structure), Newport Beach, California 92663

**Please see "General Information" for parking instructions**

*** Be advised..please be on time, we cannot wait beyond the departure time and once the yacht leaves the dock we cannot return to pick up guests ***
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Wedding Party


Best Man

Father of 4 adorable kids, Todd has known Russ for over 30 years; going back to SEYO basketball and being his arch enemy year after year. Russ is the complete opposite of Todd and yet they have always understood each other and supported each other through thick and thin.



From SEYO basketball at 7 years of age to high school baseball, Brandon has been Todd's go to friend for outdoor activities. They enjoyed fishing trips to the Sierras in the summer and snowboarding trips in the winter. Brandon has always been a positive and honest friend.



Todd has also known Travis since he was 7 years old playing SEYO basketball. Travis has been a guy Todd can call on to do random adventures with while creating many memories. These memories, mostly funny, are so abundant that there is not enough room here to tell them all.



From towing Shaun's VW bug from Seal Beach to Cerritos at age 16 to getting Todd started in outrigger paddling. Shaun is a fantastic mentor and role model to his students and has also been a great friend to Todd. He is always supportive in Todd's life decisions.



With his upbeat, always positive attitude and his love for teaching on Oahu, Jaxon and Todd have many memories from snowboarding and skiing the Sierras to swimming and diving in Hawaii. Jaxon has always been the one Todd looks to to keep that aloha spirit alive.



Grace got Roxie when she was just 8 weeks old and now she is going on 10 years of age. She is a mix of Pomeranian and American Eskimo. Full of energy and personality. Sometimes she is too smart for her own good.


Maid of Honor

The sister of the bride, only one year and nine months apart, they have experienced all the ups and downs of having a sister, including getting mad at each other for wearing the other's clothes without asking. Cindy has been living in NYC for the past couple of years and Grace can't wait to have her sister back in California again. Although miles apart, they are always connected by heart.



Grace has known Matt since junior high school. They went through the awkward stages of teenage years together, heart breaks, life changes, and they stood by each other though it all. Grace knows she can always count on Matt to be there for her and vice versa. They have so many memories that it would take a novel to tell them all and they love to share their crazy, funny stories to anyone that asks.



Pam and Grace met in freshmen year of high school when they both joined the cross country team. They ran side by side on the cross country and track team from freshmen to junior year in high school and had many PRs together. Pam is a hard working individual with a love for candles. She also shares the same love for dogs as Grace and would often doggie-sit Roxie when Grace and Todd are on vacation.



Grace met Rachal her freshmen year in high school. Rachal also ran cross country and track. Although one year older than Grace, they hung out often and enjoyed driving down to the beach and rollerblading on the boardwalk for miles. Although they don't rollerblade anymore, Rachal is still very active and is currently very involved in Muay Thai. She is also a wonderful mother to a future baseball star, Nate.



Grace met Laura during freshmen year in high school on the cross country and track team. They ran together from freshmen to senior year and Grace loved watching Laura kick butt on the 800 meter! She is a wonderful mother of 2 adorable girls, Jocelyn and Brianna. Laura is a math whiz, she enjoys teaching math to high school and college students.



Grace have known Kristin since elementary school. Although they didn't hang out much in elementary school, they got close during high school when they joined the cross country team. Kristin is a talented esthetician, running her own clinic while taking care of two beautiful kids, Kai and Naomi.

Jocelyn & Brianna

Flower Girls

Jocelyn and Brianna are the daughters of Laura. Grace has been in the girls' lives since the first day the girls came into the world. Grace was Brianna's nurse when she was born and love the fact that she was able to give Brianna her first bath. These girls are so full of energy and love. They are also great soccer players taking after their mom!

Ian & Dylan

Ring Bearers

Ian (13) and Dylan (11) are Todd's nephews. Ian enjoys engineering robots for his robotics competitions. Dylan has a compassion for animals of all sizes and has a love for sports. Their wonderful parents, Jennifer and Dave, raised them to be the smart, caring, and respectful individuals they are today.


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General Information


From Los Angeles - take 405 or 5 freeway south to 55 south (Newport Beach)
55 south, continue on Newport Boulevard
Continue over the Coast Highway Bridge
When you see the bay on your left, turn left on Via Lido
Make first left into the brick parking structure


Please park in the parking structure:

Enter parking structure from Via Lido and park your car
Exit parking structure on bay side
Walk down stairs (or use elevator) to ground level of Lido Village
Turn right at the fountain, walk south and boarding area will be on your left
There will be signs to direct you to the Electra Cruises yacht

*Please take a ticket at the entrance and bring your ticket with you

***Your ticket will be validated at the end of the night as you exit the yacht


  • Please dress in your comfortable, casual, spring/summer attire and a pair of comfortable dancing shoes to dance the night away!
  • We advise to bring a light jacket, even though the wedding is in May, it often gets cool at night on the water.

Motion Sickness

The yachts cruise about 3-5 miles per hour and stays strictly in Newport Harbor where the water is calm and is very smooth

**Pleasae let the bride and/or groom know if you get sea sick. We will provide for anyone that needs motion sickness medication that does not make you groggy =) RX: Scopolamine patch


Please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. We will do our very best to accomodate you.

Gift Registry

We would love your well wishes and congratulations too! No gifts are necessary. We just would like to see you!

** If you really want to give us something, we would love a card from you which we can read and reminisce with years from now =)

Some ideas of what to write about in the card:
1. Advise for the newlyweds
2. Travel suggestions
3. Your most memorable memories of Todd and/or Grace
4. Your favorite recipe!

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